Who are the Wayuu

So, who are the artisans behind our bags? 

The bags are called Wayuu bags because they are handmade by the women of the Wayuu tribe; an indigenous tribe that arrived in La Guajira from the Amazon forest nearly 2000 years ago.

Wayuu袋的名字由來,源於「The Wayuu」,他們是哥倫比亞共和國的土著少數民族部落,差不多2000年前從亞馬遜雨林移居到沿海的拉瓜吉拉落地生根。而每一位Wayuu婦女工匠,靠著一雙巧手,以傳統工藝,成就Wayuu袋的誕生。

The Wayuu society is based on matrilineal clans, whose semi-nomadic lifestyle has traditionally revealed around hunting, fishing and animal herding. The tribe is most well known for making Wayuu bags. The Wayuu women learn to crochet at a very young age. During a Wayuu girl's first menstrual cycle, she is obliged to stay confined to a hut anywhere from six months to a year. During this time she is only allowed to be in touch with her mother and grandmother. It is during this time that she learns about the art of crocheting Wayuu bags. She learns the meaning of each pattern, triangle and colors used in her bags.


The Wayuus have battled the Spanish Conquistadores, the Colombian Government over the years and, currently, climate change to keep their traditions alive. They have also been exploited by foreigners who profited from their work more than the artisans.



We choose our suppliers very carefully. We make sure the artisans are paid a fair price for all the hard work they have put in crocheting the beautiful Wayuu bags. The suppliers we work with deal directly with the artisans hence eliminating the middle men. By purchasing our products you are supporting local artisans and the Wayuu People .