Bienvenida a Colombia!


It's hard to get anything done right without a passion. Jovian's passion is in our love for Colombia. In a few years back I travelled to a few regions in Colombia including Pereira, Medellin, Cartagena (but sadly no Guajira peninsula!) and immediately fell in love with the country. 

I must admit I was a little bit ignorant about the country. All I knew about Colombia I learned from the Netflix hit series Narcos (which I FC from top to bottom). Little did I know that I was about to find such a gem on the other side of the world (I'm from Hong Kong). 

I could not believe how beautiful the cities and the countrysides are. People were soooo friendly and helpful and always trying to talk to me (no hablo espanol lo siento). I love the coffee farms in Pereira and the amazing recovery of the city Medellin. And of course I loved the handcrafts I've seen along the whole trip.