About Jovian

Hello, welcome to the Jovian shop! 



Our story

Jovian is founded because of passions. Our passions for traveling, making a positive social impact, and environmental change. 

It all started when I travelled to Colombia a few years back. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful country and its friendly people. Most importantly, I fell in love with these beautiful Wayuu bags! 




The Wayuu is an indigenous tribe reside in Colombia and Venezuela, known as the people of sun, sand and wind. They have battled over the years to keep their traditions alive. The women are traditionally taught to crochet at a young age. These beautifully crafted Wayuu bags are made by these incredible women.

「The Wayuu」是哥倫比亞共和國的土著少數民族之一,主要居住在哥倫比亞和南美洲委內瑞拉,被譽為太陽、沙和風之人民。Wayuu女性從小就跟從媽媽學習編織Wayuu袋和鉤針的手藝,而她們亦都努力將這個傳統不斷延續及承傳給下一代。

Social impact and giving back

The bags are sourced from socially responsible suppliers who share the same values as Jovian. These are fair trade products; the artisans behind these great Wayuu bags are paid 20-30% higher than average. Financial empowerment is an important tool to help these women. On top of this, we will also be donating 10% of our profits to a selected charity each month.


Environmental change

Jovian understands that every consumer product inevitably makes an impact on the environment. We provide our customers with premium quality bags that last for a long time; moreover, all the products are wrapped using the invisible bags (a water soluble, biodegradable and non toxic 'plastic bag').

Jovian明白在整個零售生態當中,包裝產品是無可避免地對環境造成不少的傷害,有見及此,我們決定出售「採取純天然植物纖維綿線」編織而成,經得起清洗,耐用、不脫色、輕巧、不變型及設計獨特的「Wayuu袋」,同時,亦會以標榜不含任何有害物質,能被完全分解,以及遇熱水即溶的環保膠袋「Invisible Bag」包裝。

P.S. What does Jovian mean?

Jovian means anything that relates to the planet Jupiter; e.g. the Jovian sky. Jupiter is our favourite planet because of its vividly beautiful colours. In our eyes the beautiful colors of the Wayuu bags resemble to those of Jupiter. We hope you'll like them as much as we do!

Jovian的意思是「所有和木星有關的東西」,例如,Jovian Sky 木星天空。因為它的充滿生氣的顏色,跟「Wayuu袋」有很多相同之處,所以我們便以「Jovian」,我們最愛的星體 - 木星,作為我們的店名,希望你們也有同感。